Because we care!

We care for every phase in our process!

Cultivation Process

3 phases just before the cultivation process begin!

Soil selection

A soil sample is collected from the targeted farm then we run an examination to measure the land quality.

Seeding process

With a variety of seeds from different local and foreign sources, we choose to work with it by the hands of our workers to maintain a higher quality

Testing the seeds

Once we indicate the best seeds to work with, we run a variety of tests to test the seed capability in the germination process.

Farming process

We put everything together, the examined land with the tested seeds with the best underground well water. During this process, our expert team of agronomists
are following up the process with care!

Harvesting process

We harvest our farms with care! The harvesting process is a multiphase process to ensure quality and the best possible product preparation for the next step!

Product journey

Our products journey before packing it up! We remove the remaining stems and crushes the big leaves. Then we remove the small stones and the plant remaining’s. The next step removes the small remaining stems that are still attached to the leaves. Latter, we remove anything still in the product that is different in terms of weight. Metal Detector: we’re working on three parameters, ferrous 0.9m, nonferrous 1mm and stainless 1.2mm.

Final product

You got it clean and clear high end quality product!
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